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  • Unwanted Facial Hair
  • Skin Tags / Millia
  • Red Veins / Thread Veins
  • Spider Veins / Moles
  • Acne / Problem Skin
  • Ageing / Sun Damage



Springdell Clinic offers effective, professional, confidential, paramedical, beauty therapy and specialist treatments to help improve your appearance

Expert in Electrolysis permanent hair removal with extensive experience on all body areas, male,female and transgender treatments all skin types and skin colours. Unwanted hair can be more than just a nuisance it can be embarrassing and affect your self esteem. With an effective treatment plan this issue can be a thing of the past.

Expert in Advanced Cosmetic Procedure treatments offering effective removal and reduction of skin tags, milia milk spots, spider veins, red veins, thread veins,warts, verrucae, Campbell de Morgan blood spots and moles.


Springdell Clinic is a Danne Montague King (DMK) Foundation Clinic  

Paramedical treatments for all skin types including Acne, hyper-pigmentation, ageing, rosacea, sun damage, excess fine fluffy hair.


Dermalogica Face Mapping, Skin Analysis & Treatments

  Let us help you improve your skin with our Dermalogica facial treatments.  Whatever your concerns are from anti-ageing, fine lines, crows feet, acne, spots, blackheads, milia we have effective solutions for in salon treatments to easy to use home care products.

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Danne Montague King treatments, DMK Alkaline Skin Wash, Dermalogica face and body treatments,                    Sterex electrolysis,  Sterex ACP treatments (Advanced Cosmetic Procedure), Waxing, Clinical Aromatherapy,           Non Surgical & Traditional Facials, Anti-Aging Treatments, Transdermal Epilation, Wig & Hair Piece Restoration,              Ear Piercing, Eye Lash Perming, Makeup Artistry and Special Effects Makeup.


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DMK  Enzyme treatments 


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