Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why Should I chose Springdell Clinic?

Expertise, professionalism & confidentiality is guaranteed alongside excellent treatments offered in a quiet, relaxed and friendly setting.  You will also have consistancy with your treatment plan with the same therapist for each and every treatment.  I am highly qualified with years of experience and invest in regular training to keep my skills fresh and up to date.  I am proud that my regular client list continues to grow on word of mouth recommendation and have clients that make considerable effort to attend for treatments travelling from all over the South West including Devon for treatments at Springdell Clinic on a regular basis. This I believe speaks for itself.

What products do you use?

I carefully select only the best products that give results.  These include Sterex, Dermalogica, Reference, Jane Iredale, ghd, Tigi, Balmain, Australian Bodycare, Espa, Creative Nails, Gewhol just to name a few. Being an independant business I can give impartial advice on products and I am not tied to stocking particular brands.  Therefore I will only ever recommend products that suit your individual need and will give you real results.


I need a lot of treatments can I get discount?

Yes you can purchase a package of 6 treatments in advance and receive a 10% discount.  Other discounts may be available,  Please contact us to discuss your requirement.


I am embarassed by my problem...........

Easy said I know but please do not feel embarrassed. Please be assured that I run a professional clinic and clients receive a highly professional standard of treatment, care and confidentiality and therefore I have seen your concern many many times before. I am not here to judge, I am here to help and offer advice, treatments and solutions. Dont forget you will have the same therapist for every treatment so you will be able to build up a rapport with one person without having to see a new therapist each visit. Even very shy clients say that they have felt relaxed within a few minutes of an appointment.


Do I have to tell you if I take medication or have a medical condition?

It is of utmost importance for you to disclose any current medication and/or medical condition so I can provide you with a treatment plan that does not interfere with any current medication, treatment or health issue.  For some clients I work in conjunction with their own GP to achieve the best results.  Your wellbeing is of utmost importance.  Any information disclosed is held in the strictest confidence. Failure to disclose any relevant medical details could result in you receiving an unsuitable treatment.


I have had this treatment elsewhere before why do I need a consultation?

Over the years it has been our experience that other salon/clinics often operate at a different standard to mine.  My aim is to provide clients with an exceptiionally high standard of service,factual and correct information regarding their treatment plan.  Often new clients comment that they had never realised various facts and important details about their treatment and express their satisfaction to the standard of our knowledge and treatments.


Do you provide treatments to men and women?

Yes. Springdell Clinic is a unisex practice and provides specific and individually tailored treatments suited for both men and women.  Male and female skin differ due to hormones, testosterone, estrogen, oil glands and other genetic profile etc. Female skin is softer and male skin has larger pores.  In todays social and climatic environment we are finding that more and more men are concerned with their skin and wellbeing.  We have information, treatments and products specifically suited for both males, and females.  Please enquire should you require further information or advice.


I am transgender can I have treatment?

Springdell Clinic welcomes all clients regardless of gender, race, age, marital status and sexual orientation and has much experience of treating people from all backgrounds.


How far in advance should I arrive for my appointment?

You should arrive a couple of minutes before your appointment time.


What happens if I'm late for my appointment?

Please understand that if you are late for your appointment it will be necessary to shorten or reschedule your treatment time so as not to delay the service for the next client.



48hrs notice is required and we will reschedule your appointment at the earliest convenience.


Can I buy a Gift Voucher?

Yes you can.  We offer gift vouchers for £5, £10, £20, £50 & £100 values.


Other questions?

If I have not covered your question, please feel free to contact me in person or by email.  I will be able to assist you with your requirement.

Interested in our services?

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